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ADDRESS: 臺北市中山區南京東路2段139號10樓
TEL: (02)2500-6565
FAX: (02)2516-9369

China International Freight Company Limited was established in November 1988 and is now
one of the leading consolidators and forwarders in Taiwan. It specializes in ocean 
freight and has been expanding to air freight in recent years. With its headquarters 
locates in Taipei, C.I.F.has also established companies in Hong Kong, Thailand, Shanghai 
and many more major international sea ports throughout the world. 

  Leaders by four professional and experienced directors, C.I.F. managed to have a 
turnover of more than US$6 million, which is for both the Taiwan and Hong Kong companies 
during 1998, and container movement over 22,000 FEUs of FCL and groupage containers 
throughout the whole world. The four acclaimed directors are Billy Tong (the chairman), 
Carlton Chen (the president), Jackson Liu (the vice president) and Jenny Ou Yang (the 
general manager of C.I.F. Hong Kong). Billy Tong is responsible for developing the Trans-
Pacific traffic and at the same time heads the strong C.I.F. sales team. Carlton Chen 
leads the Finance Department and is also responsible for developing the Far East - 
European traffic and the worldwide agency network.
Jackson Liu is an imperative leader of the inter-managing directors of China traffic. 
Jenny Ou Yang, stationed in Hong Kong since September 1993, is responsible for the entire 
operations of the subsidiary division. 

  With its performance in 1998, C.I.F. was ranked as the 1st large among the freight 
forwarding firms in Taiwan. This displays a strong commitment on our part to remain as a 
strong forwarding operator in the future. Our management concepts evolves on: long-term 
commitments to our
clients; high quality service at all times; and professional performance in all aspects. 

Services : N.V.O.C.C. & Forwarders Business contains : 

          1. Weekly consolidation to the U.S.A.,Canada, Europe,South Africa,Australia
          2. More choices & lowest cost 
          3. Protected spaces & frequent sailings
          4. DOOR-TO-DOOR service 
          5. Transhipment 
          6. Distribution