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ADDRESS: 台北市民生東路三段132號12樓
TEL: 886-2-25468800
FAX: 886-2-25462088

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Hyundai Merchant Marine(HMM), founded in 1976, has grown to become cone of the 
world's largest multi-modal marine transportation companies, commanding over 122 
ships as of January 2000. Its fleet includes full container carriers, LNG carriers, 
oil tankers, pure car carriers, bulk carriers, cruise ships and others. HMM employs 
5,692 personnel-1,932 domestic, 2,460 shipboard & 1,300 overseas. THe organization 
has 22 overseas subsidiaries and 56 offices and branches.
In its endeavor to preserve the marine environment, ensure the safety of ships, and 
provide the best transportation services. HMM is certified ISO 14001, ISM CODE and 
ISO 9002. 
HMM overcame the hard times that struck the shipping industry as a whole from the 
beginning to the middle of 1980s through business diversification, investment in new 
ships and management rationalization,and it has shown rapid growth year by year. In 
1997, for the first time in the Korean shipping industry, sales exceeded 3.2 billion 
The element that makes HMM stand out is the fact that it conducts the most diverse 
array of services with the most diverse types of vessels. The sales in the container 
and bulk divisions are in balance, namely, half and half, which makes its operation 
more stabilized and flexible. 
To preserve the ocean environment and ensure the safe navigation and operation of 
vessels, HMM launched the "Environment-Friendly Management" that led to its 
obtaining the ISO 14001 certification, which is the international standard for the 
environment. Also, mid-and-long-term investment plans to preserve the environment 
are being implemented as part of the company's dedication to prosperity. 
HMM has a ambitious blueprint for becoming one of the top-ranking mult-imodal 
transportation companies in the world by the early 21st century. To achieve this 
goal, HMM will continue to increase its fleet and focus on the diversification of 
service offerings. In line with this objective,HMM will emphasize the carriage of 
special cargoes such as petroleum products that generate high value added. Each 
division will diversify its service routes and establish a global network. Also HMM 
completely remodeled our web-site in 1998 to ensure easier access of information to 
our customers. 1998 also marked to commercement of our cruise business linking South 
and No rth Korea. Large investments will also be made in the establishment of 
container terminals and inland logistics facilities in an effort to shape HMM into a 
top-ranking multimodal transportation company of the world.